The “Torri Gate” Gilded Picture


Dimensions: 26cm(H) x 30cm(W)

Finish: Gilding & Pen Work in an Oak Frame

The Torii Gate dates back to the 12th century and traditional symbolises the transition from the mundane to the sacred and this living frame, gilded picture seeks to express the same philosophy that when we enter our homes it is a transition from the outside world to the sanctity of our own individual living space. a nice reminder of such every time we look at it.


This 24 carat gold leaf gilded piece of art was purposely produced to look aged. The Torii Gate gate was chosen as a motif to set in train a series of Japanese inspired products which encapsulates the Zen philosophy of calm meditation and reflexion. The production of such a piece involves a lengthy and complex hand made process taking several days to complete. The shaped frame was selected to give a nod to the shape and form of a Torii Gate.


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