The “Tulip” Round Table


Occasional table with a glass inlay. Size 68cm upper diameter, 72cm high, 48cm diameter glass inlay


This striking table was made using Spalted Beech with its incredible grain pattern. It incorporated wood bending techniques in order to shape the legs which were made from laminates of Spalted Beech, Ash and Sycamore. Nuturally, this was a time consuming process as was making the round table top and base. The glass inlay required a routed hollow on the table top whilst the glass inlay itself was gilded with silver and white gold leaf in a compass shaped design. The price is reflected in the time spent making this special commission which can be £200 cheaper if using a simple plain toughened glass inlay without any gilding work. This item of furniture can be ordered in different sizes and woods as per requirements.


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