The “Torri Gate” Garden Feature


Size 2.6m x 2.2m

A Torii gate in the garden can impart a feeling of enlightenment by those walking beneath it, according to Japanese culture. It will stand out as a statement piece and can be made from either soft or hard wood, according the taste and budget. When made from common timber supply such as Douglas Fir, it is weather resistant but can be made to last longer by applying a coat of wood preservative. Prices will vary according to size and material used.


A Torii gate comfortably sets the scene for a Japanese inspired garden which is gaining in popularity. It will provide a talking point with its striking look is a ‘must’ for all garden lovers with a penchant for the orient. When constructed from common timber supply such as Douglas Fir, the material cost can be kept low whilst the treated timber will provide good weather proofing. More expensive hardwoods can be used which will naturally incur a higher cost and prices will therefore vary accordingly to size and materials used. The structure is best assembled and erected on site but it recommended that careful thought is given initially to the size and location for the Torii Gate in order to achieve the correct look. An initial application of a wood preservative or paint should be applied to help maintain the wood.


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