The “Pagoda” Wood Charcuterie Board


These wooden boards are made in various sizes and can be used to serve charcuterie and cheese. They are made thinner in order to reduce weight with a routed section towards the edges. Usually made from Oak and finished with an anti bacterial and food safe oil, they look stunning and require little maintenance. There boards can be cleaned under running water but it is recommended that they are not left to soak.


These charcuterie and cheese boards are made from Oak and have been specifically designed to be thinner in order to reduce weight. This will help with movement from the kitchen to the dining table or wherever. The routed section on the board is perhaps more decorative than functional but it serves to differentiate this from a more normal chopping board. When used to present meats and cheeses, it should ideally not be subjected to much cutting action unlike the latter. Normal wear and tear will occur naturally and it is recommended that any good chopping board oil should be applied periodically. This will not only help to preserve the wood but the antibacterial action will also help keep the food safe. The boards should be cleaned after use under running water and lightly scrubbed but not soaked in water as this can affect the wood. Other materials such as Beech or Ash can be used but Oak has a timeless quality which also looks stunning with the different shades and grain pattern. The Pagoda Wood logo is placed on some boards with a richer grain pattern and this is reflected in a modest price increase.


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