The “Pagoda” Chopping Board (small)


Size 30cm x 24cm.

Smaller styled chopping board made from Oak and finished with anti-bacterial chopping board oil. It can be used as a normal chopping board and should be cleaned under running water but not soaked. Regular application of a good chopping board oil will help to maintain the wood.


This small chopping board was made from Oak and finished with 3 coats of antibacterial chopping board oil. The robust nature of Oak will give many years of use but it is recommended that regular application of a good oil should be used in order to help preserve the wood. They can be cleaned under running water but should not be soaked. These chopping boards can be made in various sizes but some pre-made examples are for sale. They all have slightly different looks due to the varied grain patterns of the wood but each one is as individual as the owner. They are all hand made rather than shop bought examples, giving some exclusivity.


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