These smaller items are ideally suited as gifts or for personal use within the house. They can include boxes, letter racks, picture frames, chopping boards and many other specific items such as pieces of wall art. Either as pre-made items or as bespoke pieces, prices will vary accordingly. Bespoke items can be made to a specific size with a wide selection of wood and finishes. Please see the fuller description for further information.


Gifts are usually welcomed items which can be either used for a specific purpose or put on display as an object d’art for visual enjoyment. For example, small boxes could be made to store personal possessions such as jewellery, keys, pens whilst a more elaborate type of box involving marquetry work can be made to store expensive cigar. Other useful items can include letter racks, picture frames, kitchen chopping boards of any size, smaller bar boards for chopping lemons and limes or thinner style boards as used for presenting charcuterie and cheese. These are just some examples of gifts which are either currently available to buy or can be made to order to suit a specific recipient in mind. A bespoke gift will always say a great deal more as some thought would have gone into the purchasing process. A wide variety of materials and finishes can be used so please fill in the contact details and get in touch for any help and ideas.


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