Hughthe art of woodworking

Pagoda Wood became a reality in 2019 and is now an Edinburgh based company. Founded by J Hugh Ainsworth, it is the realisation of a long held ambition to pursue a career as a traditional craftsman. For over 30 years Hugh pursued careers in biochemistry and medicine working as a doctor in a busy medical practice and managing to fit in becoming an accomplished novelist in his spare time.

Having decided to pursue his passion for handmade furniture and a love of stunning wood he enrolled at the Chippendale International School of Furniture, widely recognised as one of the leading furniture schools in the world, based near Gifford in East Lothian, Scotland.

Acquiring skills in traditional carpentry and furniture design he has not looked back since graduating and has been delighted to have won a number of prestigious commissions.

The inspiration for Pagoda Wood came from extensive worldwide travel and having lived in the Far East for prolonged periods afforded him the opportunity to observe a wide range of styles and finishes in woodworking.

If asked about his ethos for his woodcrafting career and Pagoda Wood, he believes it is based on timeless, natural wood and following his instincts doing his own thing: with the mantra of keeping it simple! Offering a wide range of designs, materials and finishes ranging from ultra modern to traditional, the objective being to deliver your furniture in the style and finish you want.

inspired by the natural world